June draws closer every week, and now that we've settled in to the new place, we've turned our attention toward worrying about all the new stuff we need to keep a baby alive and happy. Our general philosophy has been that someone in our life will gift us most of the things we need -- the advice of many new parents we've met has been that trying to predict what sorts of sleeping accessories, special pillows, or rocking strollers the baby will want once they're here is folly and that the necessary gear will be close at hand once the need presents itself.

As a result we haven't had a good answer for friends who've asked if we have a baby registry, and have mostly just told people we'd send around a link for donations toward paying for a diaper service. In the past few weeks, however, we found recommendations for a few standout new-parenting tools and accessories, and a friend pointed us toward, an easy-to-use baby registry manager.

We've created a short registry and will be adding items as we find new things we love, and have also created 3 cash funds for some of the major expenses we're expecting in the coming months: one to help us pay our midwives for whatever our insurance doesn't cover, one to help us hire a doula to guide us through childbirth, and a final one to pay for a diaper service, which will allow us to use cloth diapers without risking disaster in our shared washer/dryer. You can find it at:

Crypto Kiddies

If you're more of a cryptocurrency person, please feel free to contribute via Bitcoin:




or the Avalanche X-chain:


or C-chain:


We're also still accepting Avalanche NFTs and direct donations for the baby at this wallet address:



Thanks to anyone who makes a contribution of any sort - neither of us include gifting in our top love languages, so we really have low expectations, but your gifts right now will definitely help us give this kiddo the smoothest possible landing, and that is something we will cherish forever.