This coming week we'll mark the somber one year anniversary of Covid-19 stay-at-home orders here in the Bay Area. The pandemic has irrevocably changed our society at every level, and the last year has been a time of constant worry, overwhelming stress and deep frustration - and our family has been unreasonably lucky to have steady employment and good fortune on every other front. Many have not been nearly as lucky, and have had to deal with the same frustrations while also trying to process and recover from loss of economic stability and the tragic deaths of loved ones.

To memorialize this anniversary I've created a special series of NFTs: twelve roses for twelve months of pandemic restrictions, in twelve different colors, each presented as an animated GIF:

I've made 12 copies of each rose. To get one, send at least one AVAX to the following address, with the word "rose" in the memo:


By default I'll send you one random rose. If you'd like more than one, send at least one AVAX for each one you'd like and let me know how many you want in the memo. If you buy more than one at a time, I will not send you duplicates - this is the only way to ensure you'll get more than one color.

For each rose I sell, I'll donate $24.00 USD to Get Ready Stay Ready, a local organization that has been working to build tools for safety, survival and self determination for the Oakland community during the chaotic months of the last year. I'll update this post when I'm low on roses, but in the off chance you send me an AVAX for a rose and I've already sold them all I'll return your money or send you a special NFT - if you'd like the surprise NFT in this case, put "rose or ??" in the memo of your transaction.