Our first child, Tao, is due in two months. The due date being this close makes everything dramatically more real, and I've started thinking a lot about how I will teach my kid about the complexities of this world. I'm a big believer in shared storytelling, and feel the weight of responsiblity for getting this right, so I've proposed an experiment.

I've created a very very short survey - 3 questions, one optional - that I'll be sharing with close friends and the audience of this blog. In it, I've asked respondants to share one thing with Tao - advice or wisdom, secret knowledge, embarrassing anecdotes about Chu Chu or I - and for a date when they would like that information passed along. If you'd like to participate, please use the following link:

Once I've collected all the responses, my wife and I will review them to make sure we're comfortable with the messages and the proposed sharing dates, and I plan to build a system to automatically deliver them on time to Tao's Personal Online Datastore. I'm hopeful that the messages will come periodically, little nuggets of wisdom to guide them through their childhood and teen years to help them better understand the world they will inherit.

Thanks in advance if you contribute!