I caught up with a dear friend today and got freshly excited about making it easier for my friends to find financially sustainable ways to create art online. While I think we are in the very earliest days of understanding their true potential, NFTs already provide some interesting (if, for the vast majority of people, not lucrative) opportunities, and I'm particularly excited about creating them on the Avalanche Network because of its orders-of-magnitude lower energy requirements than more traditional blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To kick off this work I've created a note in Understory Garden about NFT creation on Avalanche:

My first note, about creating NFTs on Snowflake Market, requires a couple GIFs, but Understory Garden does not currently support GIFs well, so I'm adding them to this post to be linked by that note in an elegant recursion.

To create an NFT on Snowflake, first follow this tutorial to create a Metamask wallet and fund it with Avalanche:

Next, go to Snowflake Market's create page:

and upload an image:

add some metadata:

and mint your NFT! You'll need to accept transaction fees - they should be no more than a couple dollars but might be much lower depending on when you're reading this:

Here's the result - a work of art!

In my next post I'll show you how to list your NFT on the marketplace - it's so easy you can probably figure it out, but I need a reason to fix GIFs in Understory Garden!