In lieu of more NFT explorations, this week I've moved off Gatsby, the website generator I've been using to create this site for the last several years, and on to Nextra, a Next.js based static site generation tool that, just like my old blog, uses MDX for posts. Nextra is still very early - I found it via a tweet and it still sports a warning that "this project is not production ready, API might change without notice" but this site is pretty simple so it shouldn't be too hard to keep it up to date in the future.

Next.js has been my primary professional web development tool for the past year, and it's been a breath of fresh air. The elegance of its design choices and the flexiblity it gives me to seamlessly integrate static, server-generated and client-generated content makes it a perfect view layer for Solid and I look forward to returning to embedding React components that load data from my Solid POD as I did in some of the earlier posts in this space.

Speaking of those posts, I've taken this opportunity to strip out the live Solid React components from them for now - the tools I've been using lately to interact with my POD are an order of magnitude more intuitive and easier to use, and just as importantly I was going to need to fight some bitrot to get them to work in this new framework. As I plan future posts with live components, I expect I'll always need to periodically disable them on old posts as libraries evolve and change out from under me.

For now, I've kept the design of this site very minimalist. I'm excited to revisit this design in the coming months and move toward something a bit more polished than what I had before. Stay tuned!